Our WHY? 

The company was founded 2019. The aim was to bring a product to the market that everyone could use to improve their lives. CBD can help unlock the Body and Mind.   

People ask why laughing buddha, well there are two reasons. Firstly in China, the laughing buddha is symbolic for happiness, good luck and prosperity. We hope our products will improve all of these in some way. Secondly, if you ever meet the team you will notice they are always laughing and if you ask Sam, he thinks Adam looks like a Buddha

How long you have we in business?

We have been around since 2019. In that time we have grown to be one of the best suppliers of CBD in the UK. 

In that time we have also set up an offical charity to help the homeless people of sussex and also partnered up for a great football team SEDØNS

Each year we are getting bigger and bigger! 

Adam Halsey - Owner 

Ex-professional rugby. Spending 17 years playing at various levels from Premiership down. He's worked with some of the top S&C teams in the country and understands what you need to perform at your best. He now coaches rugby but also competes in strongman. “I had been using CBD products for about 18 months and noticed how my body started to change. Recovery started improving, I think this was down to the fact I was sleeping so much better. My working day became a lot less stressful. I started speaking to other people and they were worried about the THC content. Got speaking with Sam and we decided to bring out own product with 0% THC ”  

Sam Levett - Founder 

Sam is a qualified S&C and coaches kids from the age of 5 up to professional MMA fighters.

 He has also competed in strongman where he used his S&C knowledge and physical power to move huge weights. He also holds his boxing show which raises money for charity. 

His passion is to improve everyone he meets and make them the best people they can be. He has also played rugby for 15 years, where Adam was his captain for much of that time, forming a strong bond and working as a team that continues today with Laughing Buddha.  

 “I originally started using CBD after a friend recommended I used it for stress. Running a business can hard work. I thought was a fad at first but after a couple of weeks, I noticed something switched, Felt calmer and was able to focus better. After that, I started selling CBD in my gym and people love it” - 

 The laughing Buddha story has just begun we hope you will join us on the journey #TeamLB  


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